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Prologic - DNA Powder Dip Mussel-Meat

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Producator: Prologic

Cod produs: 0064


In stoc

In stoc

Descriere produs

A new and innovative dip that create an attractive fast leaking coating on your bait. A highly effective way of boosting bait is to combine wet- and powder dip, to create a porous fast, but still gradually leaking coating on the bait.

1) Dip the boilie in water
2) Dip the wet boilie in the powder dip. The combination of water and powder dip will now create a sticky paste-like surface on the bait.
3) Let the rig dry for a minute and repeat the procedure a couple of times, You can include a layer of a Fruit extract or DNA Powder in between to create a stronger signal.

Mussel Meat
Pure Mussel powder, combined with Soluble Fish Protein and mini mussels.

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